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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Why, Mitt, Why ?

Barry, My Liege :

Keep up the good fight, My Liege, your aggression seems to discombobulate the Reps and we are loving it.

But a broader question is trying to figure out exactly what drives Mitt Romney.

Here's one idea about what makes Mitt tick : He thinks he is a Royal. After all, he was born into a Royal family and made a lot of money on his own, so that means that he is simply better than the rest of us.

Besides, we would not understand him if he did explain because we just don't know how the world really works.

And, if he is just better than us, then he does not have to explain anything. Here's his wife on releasing his tax returns : "we've given all that people need to know" about the family's finances.

He answers to a higher power embodied in the form of really, stinkingly rich people who want to stay in the shadows.

If he can win an election by saying nothing, then he is free to do what he and his betters want him to do.

That may be the real reason he changes positions so often - we would not understand him if he told the real truth, so he can just say what the moment demands.

Just about the most ridiculous thing I have heard in years is the statement that he 'retired retroactively' from Bain.

Only addled Royalty thinks like that.

My Liege, it is a little discouraging to think that he might actually win the election.

Your faithful servant,


  1. Erik Hoffmann Mike, when was the last time we had a President who was not rich?

  2. Mike P. McKeever It was probably Harry Truman, but my point is that we ask our politicians
    to support democracy, not Oligarchy.

  3. Erik Hoffmann This is one of those elections I wish we had a none of the above choice.

  4. Mike P. McKeever I'm an Obama fan, with reservations, but will vote for him

  5. Bev Barnes Geez Mike I tried to post twice before and I think someone is diverting my messages to you. Hmm! big brother must be checking you out. Anyway, I tried to say for the third time that Mit's father, being a Mexican citizen for being born their and then fleeing to the US with his illegal entry father and a perhaps American mother, may be an anchor baby himself. There should be documents that would show that the Federal Government let the Romney's and their Mexican born children come back to this country. I haven't seen it for either George Romney or his parents. By the way George senior's parents left the Utah Territory to flee from arrest because of their polygamous ways. Grandparent had 5 wives, great grandparents had 12 each. They were committing felonies for each of these wives they married. Coming back to America after a 20 to 30 year change of address to America doesn't fit the smell test. The other thing I was going to say regarding the Mormon church leader Joseph smith was that when he ran for President of the USA, his flock was making counterfit money for his election! Maybe Romney's wealth is from the same church practice they had back in the 1800's. Get "Under the Banner of Heaven" to read. What an eye opener!

  6. Carol Rosenstiel Everynoe seems to forget. We were losing 700,000 jobs a month for most of the last year of Bush presidency. Now we are gaining close to 100,000 jobs a month. How is that not a turn around.

  7. Carol Rosenstiel I just wish the politicals would be shouting it from the roof tops. Look at the stock market from March 2009 (two months after Obama took office) to now... Another HUGE turn around. Three years ago contractors were calling me, begging for any small job on my rentals... Today, I get "Oh gosh, I am so busy, it will be a couple of weeks before I can get to it" Another HUGE turn around.

  8. Mike P. McKeever there is a saying - 'never let the facts get in the way of a good story' 'good' in this case meaning a story you like...........

  9. very funny video of hitler wanting to rescue seamus

  10. Carol Rosenstiel
    I should not have typed that. Within minutes a tenant called. Seems the garage door lost a wheel and stuck half down. So they could not leave home. Anaheim Door (the large company I use for garage door repairs said: "So sorry! The first opening we have in Monday." PERIOD... I did have one handiman connection who got out there and got it closed... And the full repair is now scheduled for Monday. That'll teach me to keep my mouth shut.

  11. RE Who is Romney...
    When I hear statements from his MA govenor campaign, I say...I could vote for THAT Romney. But that pro-choice Romney is "dead" (??)
    Where's the Romney that said...MA healthcare should be a proto-type for the USA? (dead??)
    His constant contradictory him or hate confusing! WHO is he???