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Sunday, July 15, 2012

Corralling Bankers ?

Barry, My Liege :

American bankers' recent egregious and criminal behavior has damaged the Economic National Security of the United States. As a result, there have been some attempts at rectification through consumer protection legislation.

At the national level, the federal Consumer Financial Protection Bureau has been working diligently to propose new rules and to investigate and prepare prosecutions.

Some new rules and some news stories will appear soon from this agency. Details are here :

In California, the California Homeowners Bill of Rights is a step toward fairness for homeowners ; here is the background :

But, Barry, My Liege, bankers are clever and will find ways to circumvent the new rules.

The intentions are good, My Liege, but the results will be inadequate. The Economic National Security of the United States will continue to be harmed by banks - unless the more stringent regulations discussed in the space previously are enacted.

There is some effort at the Justice Department toward criminal prosecutions ; see it here :

Your faithful servant,


  1. Bev wrote: "Seems to me that if Martha Stewart did time, these crooks should be doing even more time. Open up those prisons and let them all file in."

  2. With liberty and justice for ALL.
    Where is it written that "some" are above the law? I thought we escaped from "royalty". Why do the Romneys choose to present themselves as royalty?
    Why is Romney's legal address his Son's basement? Mitt said he wanted to vote in MA. That's REAL voter fraud!
    Bet he'll claim the NH house as legal res. if he doesn't win the White House. NH has no state income tax!! Like GWB claimed TX...for the same reason.