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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Real American Terrorists - 1. KOCH BROTHERS

Barry, My Liege :

The dangerous terrorists in the United States of America are NOT the idiots with fake bombs made by the FBI ; nor are they the poor souls struggling to survive in the desert while dodging drone strikes.

The real terrorists are the rich American bastards who write our laws to give themselves a tax break or a monopoly while systematically looting the Middle Class of our jobs, houses, pensions, education and health care.

My Liege, I will call them out by name in this space.

One hopes that the Real American Terrorists [RATs] named here stay healthy, but spend much of their time watching their backs and planning to move out of the country.

Make no mistake, the Economic National Security of the United States of America is damaged by their very presence and it will be enhanced by their removal to another country.

The criterion by which a person will be named in this space is that he or she actively seeks to harm the country economically while personally profiting from that harm.

Sadly, many of the RATs believe that their success in taking money from others is somehow beneficial to the country.

That belief is claptrap.

Taking from many to enrich one does NOT benefit the country.

We all do well when we all do well.

And, the rich among us do better when we all do well.

This space takes that as a given and embarks on naming names.


First up are the KOCH BROTHERS.

These guys are so bad, there is even a movie about them :

They are BILLIONAIRE brothers who inherited most of their wealth and have embarked on a political crusade to move the United states of America back to the 19th century or to the feudal era.

They fund systematically a myriad of organizations which publish false studies, lobby for harmful legislation at the State and National level as well as other initiatives too numerous to mention.

They also give grants to public universities with the proviso that any professors hired and any research done must be approved by their foundation : just exactly the opposite of standard academic practice and the opposite of the search for truth.

The more I read about the KOCH BROTHERS, the worse they appear.

They call themselves Conservative and Libertarian, but they are really radical people dedicated to ruining the lives of ordinary Americans so that they can continue to become richer.

They should be ashamed of themselves.

And, they should be publicly villified whenever they venture into the public arena.

Here is how to find them :

Charles G. Koch Charitable Foundation

Charles Koch Foundation
1515 N. Courthouse Rd.
Suite 200
Arlington, VA 22201
Phone: 703-875-1770
Fax: 703-875-1766

Media inquiries:
Grants information:

David H. Koch Charitable Foundation

Contact information is difficult to find, so try this :


600 14th Street Northwest #800 Washington, DC 20005
(202) 737-1977

Your faithful servant,

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