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Saturday, November 3, 2012

Write A Letter to A RAT [Real American Terrorist]

Barry, My Liege :

The real terrorists we need to manage are the RATs - the rich American bastards who write our laws to give themselves a tax break or a monopoly.

These are the folks who are actively destroying the American Dream for the real folks like me and you - the way you used to be before you got famous and powerful.

You see, one of the things that happens to rich folks is that they insulate themselves from real people. They don't know any real people so they have no understanding of our lives.

My Liege, I know that you work hard to maintain your ties to reality, but a lot of the RATs don't.

After all, I can imagine that life in their air conditioned bubble is a lot more comfortable than life in the streets with the heat and the rain.

But, that insulation from American reality means that the RATs don't see what happens to real folks every day.

Maybe we can remedy that.

Let's do this : let's ask everybody in the country with a real problem or grievance to write a letter to a RAT.

If we can send each RAT several five or ten page letters from real people each week, maybe they will read the letters and will have a deeper understanding than they do now.

There is no immediate revolution that will happen from this, but maybe our country will be a better place to live over time.

You might ask what kind of letter we should write.

Well, the first thing is to make it a hand written letter instead of a computer print out. Hand written letters pass by the screeners more easily and convey a more heartfelt message than a printed letter.

As far as the content goes, it can be just about anything the writer wants to say.

Maybe your mother has diabetes and you can't afford her medication since she has no health insurance and you lost your job and your house. Explain that.

Maybe your only son came back from Iraq as a quadriplegic who needs 24 hour care and has to be spoon fed. And, maybe you're just a little depressed about that. Tell your RAT all about it.

Maybe you're really angry about the rich bastards who have ruined your life and you want to tell one exactly how you feel. Go ahead - do it now.

My Liege, you get the idea.

One can hope it will catch on.

This space will contribute by naming RATs occasionally and by providing mailing addresses for them.

Perhaps the world will be better as a result.

Your faithful servant,

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