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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

FOR SALE - Republican Respect

Barry, My Liege :

The election was great news for the country and for you. Congratulations on your victory.

But, the following message is for the leaders in the opposition Party, The Republican Party, but you can read it if you want.

To McConnel, Boehner, et al : your Republican Party embarrassed our country with its incompetent performance in the election.

To survive as a functioning country, we need two competent political parties so that policy proposals can be vetted thoroughly.

That cannot happen unless and until the Republican Party reforms its policies into a coherent platform.

Your current platform is a mash up of outdated ideas, false assumptions, bad arithmetic and economic policies which have been proven to be unworkable.

For example, one of your Party's primary policies is that lower taxes on high income individuals will result in more investment and job creation.

This idea is false.

The American electorate understands that your party's ideas are false or irrelevant.

No amount of pandering to social concerns like homophobia, misogyny or fear of immigration can overcome a core of ideas which is perceived as outdated.

The Republican Party faces the likelihood of irrelevance unless it updates its messages.

So far, no one has proposed a coherent set of policy ideas for the Republican Party.

And yet that is what your Party needs.

As a remedy, the author hereby proposes to create a coherent Republican Party platform of economic policies that will do all these things :

* Appeal to the Conservative base

* Attract ethnic minorities, women and young people into the party

* Revitalize the party as an institution

* Make our country stronger by energizing the political debate

* And, provide more election winners.

It is a win-win proposition. The Republican Party wins back its relevance and the country wins a respectable opposition.

While such a platform is a bargain at any price, I hereby offer to provide this for a medium six figure price.

Since my specialty is national economic policy analysis, I am the logical person for this task.

It will be the greatest bargain imaginable for the GOP.

And, since I have consistently provided a deep understanding of the Democratic policy base, I am able to provide its counter easily.

To see the Democratic economic policy base, scroll to this post : Recovery and Restoration of the United States, 9.22.12

Please contact me directly at :

Best regards,

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