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Sunday, August 2, 2015

INQUISITION 10 : On Waiting

Accomplishing most things requires cooperation from other people.

We can finish a work in solitude as a sole performer, but it is more satisfying when others see the work.

And, placing the work where the public can see it requires working with others.

Of course, while the particular thing we want is important to us, it has less importance to the others on whom we depend.

An experienced performer creates an action plan of specific steps to take before starting the process of working with others.

That plan has two phases: the items which the performer can accomplish without help from others and the items which require others to perform.

First, we do all the items in the plan that do not require others.

After that, we examine the list to be sure that we have done all we can do. If we have done all that and the plan is not progressing, we will have the urge to hector others to hurry along their actions on our behalf.

That approach has limits. Too much hectoring can cause the hectored to disregard the hectorer's wishes from spite. Less is more when urging others to do our work for us.

It is better to rely on an accurate assessment of the hectored's motives and incentives to do our work. If we have presented the request so that the other party can see that it is in his self-interest, then it will get done when the other party chooses.

When all the other parties' interests coincide with our interests, then there is little more we can do.

It is better to fight the urge to do 'something, anything' to move the project along.

If the plan is well designed and appeals to all parties' interests, then action for the sake of action can destroy the project.

It is better to re-examine the plan to improve it.

If the plan is sound and all the actions that can be taken are complete, then it is time to wait.

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