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Tuesday, February 9, 2016

UPDATE April, 2016 - Send NATO to Libya

An interesting analysis by Shadi Hamid in VOX supports the earlier intervention in Libya by NATO and the US while comparing the situation now to what would have happened if we had NOT intervened.

It is available at this URL:

The analysis appears to support further NATO action in 2016 -

The time is here to take further action in Libya.

Daesh is poised to take over the oil fields and the country has no central government; several militias run amok and are paid by the Central Bank, which is forced at gunpoint to pay them.

Only an outside, multinational armed force has an ability to establish and maintain order and prevent further atrocities.

Failure to secure Libya is an imminent National Security threat to Europe.

NATO should invade Libya with sufficient armed forces to control the country, after securing an invitation from Tobruk or Tripoli or both.

Step 1: Secure oil fields from Daesh. Turn revenues over to Nationalized Libyan oil company.

Step 2: Impose a military dictatorship under NATO command.

Step 3: Destroy Daesh in country.

Step 4: Support a SECULAR, non-denominational government administration and restore basic services. Invite competent Libyans from either Sunni or Shia factions to take civil service exams and join the government.

Step 5: Create a SECULAR Libyan military composed of both Sunni and Shia and train them to NATO standards.

Step 6: After the national military is functioning to NATO standards, the NATO officers and troops will depart; this process may take 20 years.

Step 7: After the SECULAR administration functions well, call for elections and end the military dictatorship.

Going forward, it will be critical to reduce corruption by insisting on a public competitive bidding process for all public contracts and installing a robust civil service with competitive exams for all open positions.

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