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Monday, September 24, 2018

Barry, My Liege:

This is a desperate plea for you to be active, VERY active so you can influence events in 2020. President would be better, but seemingly you cannot serve again.

I fear for our Republic unless you guide us.

Our country and its values and institutions are being systematically undermined by Trump in a drive for authoritarian power, with or without guidance from Russia.

There do not appear to be potential candidates for President from the Democrat Party with the unique combination of electability, knowledge and skills you can bring. I say this as a long time Hillary supporter; the situation is too dire for the country now for her to be the peacemaker since she generates too much hatred.

The country is divided severely and could collapse. It can be saved if all parties can recognize that we need to work together. We cannot stand divided.

As you know, many of our fundamental institutions are being attacked as we speak.

Here are some suggestions on how to unite the country.

Go on a road show to the bastions of conservative thought and engage them directly on their Free Market capitalistic beliefs; von Mises Institute, Federalist Society, Club for Growth, Heritage Society - these are the ones which spring to mind. There are many others. You can include talk radio. The goal is to show reasonableness and allay fear. And, include the bastions of conservative voters and Trump support with the message below:

1. Explicitly state that people with differing opinions and philosophies will be welcomed as Americans and will NOT be hated because of those differences. Some of the Trump people fear they will be shunned when Democrats take power.

2. Demonstrate how extreme market solutions create inequality.

3. Show how all will be better when average wages and living conditions are improved.

4. Discuss the relationship of loss of hope to violent social revolution.

5. Outline where we are now.

6. Show how the rich will be even richer when income inequality is lessened.

7. Appeal to patriotism - 'It is un-American to make our citizens suffer needlessly.'

8. We are in this together, whether they like it or not.

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