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Thursday, October 4, 2018

A Fight to Death for the Light

I don't know where to begin.

Our system is broken.

Everybody knows it.

We vote for change in the hope that the system can change and represent our interests again.

Instead - we get trump - crooked trump who sells us out to the thug Putin and his Russian gangs.

We are angry. We march and demonstrate.

The system rolls on and appoints judges who are just trump hacks.

The rich know it and use the system to get richer - they build fortresses on islands so they don't have to deal with us at all.

Congress is openly corrupt and sells itself to the highest bidder.

Then they pass laws which take from us what we do not yet have in order to make the rich even richer.

trump will fire all the honest civil servants next year and replace them all with his hacks.

He is installing a corrupt and authoritarian government - and NOBODY SAYS A WORD.

The Blue Wave? Won't do diddly. trump will keep on trumpin'.

There is no magic bullet, no hero on a plane or a horse.

Ain't nobody comin' round the mountain.

Two choices.

First choice: fight them at all levels, fight them in Congress, fight them in City Hall, fight them in State Capitols, fight them in the street, fight them in the planning commissions, fight them in the police departments - fight them until they become tired and give up. Fight with lawsuits, elections, demonstrations, accosting them in restaurants, push them out of the street, take away their swastikas and guns; fight them wherever they are, whenever they are gathered. Above all - do not give up, for then they win.

Second choice: acknowledge that they have won and then kill them one by one. Murder them in their homes while setting up alternative organizations. Take back the country with violence and mayhem. Join the preppers and withdraw to wreak havoc and change.

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