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Estimate of the time that Humanity will go extinct or civilization will collapse. The HUMANITY DOOMSDAY CLOCK moves forward to 2125 due to US President trump's abandonment of climate change goals. Apologies to Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists for using the name.


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Saturday, January 25, 2020


This is a fanciful, fictional projection of life in the United States in the event trump wins the election in 2020.

Since non-voters are perhaps the largest voting bloc in Presidential Elections, it has been argued that non-voters gave the elections to Trump. That bloc may hand the election to him again if they remain on the sidelines.

Since he has associated with and praised tyrants, it is reasonable to think that he is predisposed toward tyranny.

Several predictions have been made that he will be very hard to remove from office, even if he loses the election.

Here's what the decade might look like if he wins in 2020 and then stays [Please note that the examples listed below have been observed in other countries]:


Tyrants playbook 101 - Attack your political enemies with the power of the state:
  • 'President Trump just issued landmark anti-counterfeiting regulations.
  • The new customs framework addresses the problem of counterfeit goods. It will put Amazon on the hook for policing counterfeit goods.
  • The Trump administration’s move fundamentally threatens Amazon’s operating cost structure and its long-term growth strategy.
Amazon (NASDAQ:AMZN) has an existential challenge ahead. The Trump administration unveiled new rules to combat counterfeit and pirated goods Friday. The new policies, which were published by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), will do what the courts have largely opted not to do: hold Amazon responsible for counterfeit goods.'



JEFF BEZOS JAILED - Former head of Amazon and owner of the Liberal Newspaper Washington Post Jeff Bezos has been jailed in Belize on behalf of the United States.

Bezos was on the run from Federal prosecution from several lawsuits and criminal charges stemming from complaints filed against him in Washington. The veracity of the charges has been challenged by Bezos, but his Amazon empire has been broken up and sold to various corporate entities as part of consent decrees from federal courts. The famous newspaper has been sold to FOX news and, while still publishing, has moderated its criticisms of President for Life Trump. Trump has generously allowed Bezos to remain in Belize so long as he refrains from political activity.

Jared Kushner has taken over ownership of Bezos' flagship

JUDICIAL MURDERS TOP 1000 FOR THE FIRST TIME - The National American front has continued its campaign of eliminating 'liberal' judges and court officials that began in 2025. The campaign claimed 1000 lives per year for the first time this year.

MISSING JOURNALIST RACHEL MADDOW RUMORED ASSASSINATED IN U.S. EMBASSY IN ISTANBUL - Maddow, the infamous liberal television commentator, was pursuing a story about Turkey when she was called into the US embassy last week. She has not been seen since and rumors are that she has been tortured, killed and dismembered. No further details are available. President For Life Trump called these reports 'Fake News'.

MSNBC SOLD TO SEAN HANNITY President For Life Trump has congratulated Hannity on his acquisition of the reviled liberal news channel MSNBC. Hannity promises to modify the editorial stance of the network and has already fired all its on-air talent. They will be replaced with personalities suggested by the President For Life.

UNITEDHEALTHCARE MAKES RECORD PROFITS - [This is a real press release this week]

UnitedHealth beat forecasts on earnings for the fourth quarter of 2019, though revenues of $60.9 billion were slightly lower than Wall Street's expectations. The Minnetonka, Minnesota-based healthcare giant's stock traded up roughly 3% in late morning trading Wednesday.

Health services segment Optum drove $29.8 billion in revenue in the quarter, up more than 8% year over year; and UnitedHealthcare, the nation's largest private payer, reported revenue of $48.3 billion, up 4.4%. The payer reported a medical loss ratio of 82.5% for the full year, up from 81.6% in 2018 as the impact of the health insurance tax deferral was partially offset by improved medical cost management.

UnitedHealth executives cheered the repeal of the health insurance tax on a Wednesday call with investors.

DeVOS SECURITY CORP GRANTED CONTRACT TO REMOVE HOMELESS FROM AMERICAN CITIES. Former Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos now is CEO of DeVos Security. She has stated that the contracted $500 per person per day is just barely adequate to remove the homeless from city streets, house them and make the streets secure. She promises to do her best for the homeless as well as keeping America's cities more pleasant. She denies strenuously that private companies are harvesting body parts from the homeless detainees for sale on the Asian body part markets. The black APC's used to detain homeless people can be seen in major city homeless encampments between midnight and 3 am. President For Life Trump praised the more pleasant streets in several cities. 'We don't want to see human misery on our way to work," he said.

POLICE IN SEVERAL CITIES USE RUBBER BULLETS TO CONTROL UNRULY PROTESTS. Anti Administration protests on public streets in New York and Los Angeles spiraled out of control yesterday. Our valiant police used non-lethal tactics to control the demonstrations including water cannons and rubber bullets. Police deny reports that live ammunition was used and blame the violent counter protesters from the National American Front for any deaths.

FOX CORP RECEIVES AWARD AS THE MOST 'RESPONSIBLE' LIBERAL NEWS OUTLET IN AMERICA. FOX Corp CEO Donald Trump Jr. expresses appreciation for the award at a banquet at The Mar-a-Lago Club resort in Florida.

DEFICIT FORCES FEDERAL GOVERNMENT TO REDUCE SOCIAL SECURITY BENEFITS. Due to the continuing recession Social Security payments have increased while tax collections have declined. In order to balance the budget President For Life Trump proposes further corporate tax cuts to stimulate business investment while at the same time reducing payments to individuals from the bankrupt Social Security Trust Fund.

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