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Wednesday, April 22, 2020

A Plan for Joe Biden

Congratulations on your election.

The good news is that you are guaranteed to be a better POTUS than 45. That's true even if you do nothing. Nothing at all.

You know the bad news.

Now we need a Nationally coordinated Covid 19 response, for all of us. We also need a National Food Bank. And, somehow unbreakable legislation to curtail Presidential powers to bypass Constitutional restraints and Balance of Powers. 

Below's a plan to address some of the immediate issues. The assumption is that you have both Houses of Congress for at least 2 years. You have to move quickly and do all this in 24 months since you may see a backlash.

1. No pardon for trump. Evict him in handcuffs if needs be. Let the Legal process proceed.

2. Fire every trump appointee, Every. Single. One. Offer interested Obama appointees re-instatement.

3. Reverse all executive actions. Every. Single. One.

4. Nationalize the PPE, ventilator and vaccine efforts. Make sure that the public sees all decisions.

5. Re-install a real Glass-Steagal and separate depositary banks from investment banks. Depositary institutions cannot make investments and investment banks cannot take deposits.

6. Declare a 12 month holiday from all loan payments with the payments added to the back.

7. Forgive all student loans.

8. Jail a few criminal bankers - no fines.

9. Request the FED to let the insolvent banks fail. The system is too badly off to even notice. Guarantee all deposits if FDIC isn't enough.

10. Create a health insurance program that covers ALL residents - we all are as sick as the poorest. Take for-profit-providers and insurance companies out of business. Re-organize as non-profit or nationalize them.

11. Pay for the costs with tax increases to Pre-Reagan era and T Bills.

12. Install confiscatory estate tax - oligarchic families are one of our biggest problems and that means Gates and Bezos among others.

13. Repair and re-coordinate defense plans with NATO and other alliances. Present a unified front to Russia and China.

14. Enforce sanctions on thug Russians.

15. Create office of national Planning: object to ensure future jobs and prevent hostile takeover son US businesses.

16. Create humane and law-abiding immigration after releasing all caged people.

17. Manage the coming Hunger Pandemic with world governments and the UN.

18. And, make all oil, electricity, internet providers, cell phone and other utility like businesses subject to Public Utility regulation of rates and profits.  

You would do worse than reading my United States Class War Field Manual book here:

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