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Friday, April 24, 2020

Biden Campaign Living Room Chats

This is a request and a suggestion that V. P. Biden begin a series of informal chats broadcast on national television with the purpose of reassuring the American population. The country has a vacuum of leadership at a time of national peril: we need a reassuring voice now.

These chats may or may not help in the election, but times are so critical that Americans need the chats. The overarching theme might be this: 'We are not Blue or Red, we are family. We are the American family and we are all in this together.'

Perhaps schedule 3 to 5 hour long chats per week, on television as soon as possible. 

Envision a camera on Joe and Jill seated in their real living room with grandkids and pets free to roam during the show. 

Joe speaks: 'Good evening my Fellow Americans. These are troubled times for all our American family. I am asking for your support and your efforts to help me fix many of the issues we face. We can fix them if we face them together as a family.

It is harder to fix problems when we are divided. I will tell you this: I don't usually agree with Republican ideas, but if they have a good idea that will help our whole family, I will support it. I will work with all the people in our private sectors and governments at the local, state and national level to find real solutions no matter where they come from. 

One of the best things about our family is that we care for all of us - we don't leave people behind to suffer. So I am asking you all to join me and help all our family in the coming years. 

There is nothing - nothing at all - that a united America can’t fix. 

So, Jill, what do you think is an important issue to talk about today?'

Jill speaks: ‘Well Joe, we could talk about the pandemic and how to fix the hospital system, but for today why don’t we talk for a little bit about the conditions of our essential working people and their families - the people who care for us in hospitals, deliver our groceries and drive our buses and trains. A lot of our essential workers are having a hard time now and I'm sure they’d like to hear what you want to do for them'

Joe: 'Thanks Jill, that's a good idea.

Well I have a long history of helping working people get a better life and my heart has always been with them and their families. 

In fact I have a specific plan to help working people, And the man who helped me write that plan, Austin Schimmerflots, is here to explain it to everybody. In addition, not only that, we have tonight Mary and Bob Smith and their two kids to give us all a view of how life is for them today. They're on a remote camera in their home
and I'll ask them to listen to Austin's presentation and ask him questions later.

So Mary, can you and Bob tell us a little about your lives right now?' 

Mary: ' Thanks Joe. Well, I’m an ER nurse in Queens and I work 10 to 12 hour days taking care of people with advance Covid 19. The hardest part of my job is holding the hand of a patient who is dying while he makes the transition. As you know, families cannot be with the severely ill and they die alone except for me. Sometimes I just cry.'

Bob: 'I see how all this affects Mary. It's really hard. She doesn't have enough PPE and I think she may have the virus, but the hospital doesn’t have enough tests to give so we're not sure. I lost my job a few weeks ago and there isn’t any work. Mary's check isn’t enough to cover our costs and I think we can't pay the rent next week.'

Joe; 'Wow, that's hard for you right now. I am hoping we can put some real money into your hands soon to ease the pressures. I will work really hard to make that happen. 

For the long term, we have a very specific action plan to improve the lives of all the workers in our American family. Austin, can you tell us the main points our plan is designed to do and then maybe answer Mary and Bob's questions about it?'

Austin then describes the plan in general with zero visual aids, just him talking to Mary and Bob....


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