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Tuesday, May 26, 2020

UPDATE May 28, Biden 100 Day Plan: - Part 3

Specific Policies for 2021

This post may be updated from time to time with new thoughts at top of page.

UPDATE - Biden campaign needs to establish an election security team in each swing county whereby voting security can be ensured. the GOP WILL tamper with the system. 

The pandemic highlights our flaws; here's suggestions on redesigning the USA system.

  • Rebuild the Infrastructure and stimulate the economy: create a panel to approve state and local projects and then fund those projects.

  • Secure the front line: Fund state and local governments for police, first responders, teachers and essential workers.

  • Restore respect for law in the government: Fire every trump appointee, Every. Single. One. Offer interested Obama appointees reinstatement. AND, Reverse all executive actions. Every. Single. One.

  • No pardon for trump. Evict him in handcuffs if needs be. Let the Legal process proceed.

  • Take charge of Pandemic:  Nationalize the PPE, ventilator and vaccine efforts. Adapt CDC guidelines on re-opening as national directive. Make sure that the public sees all decisions. Ask county health officers to designate needed hospitals and care homes, then nationalize the ones which are in financial danger.

  • Make health care available to ALL residents; we are as healthy as the poorest among us. No recommendation on how, except this: profit must be removed from medicine. Profit means lower costs and higher prices - that may be acceptable in business but not when the costs are people's lives.

  • Justice for all - real campaign finance reform: When laws cater to the rich, we are unjust. We can have some really rich people OR we can have a democracy with ZERO really rich people: we CANNOT have both.

  • Real bank and corporation regulation: these actors have bought our legislation system. Prosecute law breakers. Jail the felons. Obey the law.

  • Jail felon Bankers: They deserve special attention since some have committed felonies with no personal consequence. Even bankers say that some must serve time in jail. 

  • Rent and loan freeze: Suspend all rent and residential loan payments until a vaccine is approved by the FDA. When the economy recovers banks can add the missed payments onto the end of the loan. Borrowers receive an option to renegotiate or sell their property. Homeowners whose houses have declined in market value can start with a new loan at the lowered market value. Their original down payment applies to the new loan and the new loan will be for the new value. Banks will lose some income but their principal remains since they retain a lien against the property. When prices decline they will retain their relative purchasing power with no real loss.

  • Reduce Inequality: our economy is 'hollow' because real wages have declined steadily for 40 or 50 years. The middle class does not have extra money to buy new products. The other day I saw an ad for LAYAWAY ON A PAIR OF LEVI's jeans. So: Raise Fed Min wage; tax rich at pre-Reagan levels; bail out states and cities for first responders; prosecute monopoly laws; make labor unions stronger; beef up NLRB; and, prosecute employees who fire union organizers.

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