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Monday, May 25, 2020

Re-Imagining America 2021- Part 1

The American system is broken. Most Americans want changes and better outcomes.

This post has three parts

Public opinion supporting change – Part 1

A New Deal – Part 2

Specific Policies for 2021 – Part 3

Public opinion supporting change – Part 1

This first section provides evidence of Americans’ longing for real changes. It’s the same longing trump used in 2016. The evidence below is specific but the underlying malaise is broad based. Americans know we are living in a bad system. We will accept changes formerly thought impossible.

Health Services

While such a plan is supported by almost all Democrats and two-thirds of independents, most Republicans don't think it is the government's responsibility to provide access to affordable health care, and most oppose this type of plan. []


Even Republicans want the EPA to stay: Some 39 percent of Americans would like to see the EPA, the nation’s top environmental regulator, “strengthened or expanded,” while another 22 percent hope for it to “remain the same,” according to the poll. Just 19 percent said they would like to see the agency “weakened or eliminated” and the rest said they “don’t know.”

Among Republicans, 47 percent wish for the EPA either to “remain the same” or be “strengthened or expanded,” while 35 percent want it “weakened or eliminated”.

The online poll of 9,935 people was conducted Dec. 16 to Jan. 12 and has a credibility interval, a measure of accuracy, of 1.1 percentage points. []
Voters Favor EPA Reduction in CO2 Emissions; Rassmussen: January 2020

Business Regulation:

“Big Corporations Have Too Much Power and Should Be Strongly Regulated” — 84% of Democrats, 72% of Independents and Nearly Half of Republicans Agree
Center for American Progress & GBAO: December 2019

‘Time and again, American voters voice their support for strong and effective regulations. Americans see the need for clear rules of the road that protect workers and families from reckless corporations that cut corners and put profits ahead of people.’

Over 60 Percent of Voters Think Facebook Has Too Much Power
Fox News: June 2019


Americans and Privacy: Concerned, Confused and Feeling Lack of Control Over Their Personal Information
Pew Research Center: November 2019

Americans Oppose Political Campaigns Using Their Personal Data for Targeted Ads
The Knight Foundation & Gallup: March 2020

Americans Generally Believe the Biggest Tech Companies Have Too Much Power and Ought to Be Split Up
The Verge: March 2020

Voters Overwhelmingly Want More Regulation on Corporate Use of Personal Data
The Hill & HarrisX: January 2020

Global Poll Shows 71% Support Regulation of Tech Giants to Protect Data Privacy
Amnesty International: December 2019

Social Media:

Poll Finds Majority Want Government to Play Role in Moderating Social Media
Morning Consult: October 2019


Most Pennsylvanians Want More Regulation of Gun Ownership
Franklin & Marshall College: October 2019

Illinois Voters Support More Statewide Gun Regulation
NPR Illinois / University of Illinois Springfield: October 2019


These specific polls suggest the depth of our dissatisfaction. We will support drastic public action to stabilize the country as suggested in the following post:  A New Deal – Part 2

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