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Thursday, June 18, 2020

These Are Dark Times

The Covid 19 pandemic kills thousands of Americans every day. It is likely that the deaths will continue until a vaccine is proven to work. Perhaps a vaccine can be ready early next year. Death from the virus is painful and alone; it is preceded by agony.

We are in a recession; millions of workers have lost their jobs and many if not most of these jobs are gone forever. We will see falling prices, evictions and foreclosures in the housing market. Families are suffering now and will suffer more. Food is becoming scarce. People who need medical care are afraid of going to the hospital or doctor because of the pandemic. Many more are without insurance and must continue to work in low paid 'essential' jobs. 

President trump is an asset of Vladimir Putin and works tirelessly to sow confusion, falsity and death in the United States. Confusion about the pandemic kills people. trump touts cures that harm and do not cure; then he claims the virus is a 'hoax'; but, it is very real. Additionally, he pits state against state in bidding wars for PPE supplies and fails to direct PPE distribution: 'We're not shipping clerks....It is not my responsibility.'

Street protests against unjustified police violence continue for weeks. Protesters are met with additional violence, partly because foreign paid provocateurs incite violence in order to justify police violence. Police feel free of prosecution for unjustified murders due to political pressure. Police must reduce unjustified violence, or the pressure to take away their immunity from prosecution will become overwhelming.

Our National, State and Local governments are trying to fend off some of the dire consequences but they are hampered by lack of direction and conflicting theories about everything. 

Our hope is that we Americans work together whenever we can. We recognize that we are all under severe stress. And we cut each other some slack. 

As Ben Franklin said: '... at the time of the signing of the Declaration of Independence: "We must all hang together, or, most assuredly, we shall all hang separately." '

Let us all hang together.

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